Makoto School of Martial Arts

General Information

Dojo Etiquette

Belt Requirments

Front Stance (Including circle stepping in stance)

Horse Stance (Including walking in stance)

8 Point Blocking

Front Kick Snap

Front Kick Thrust

Roundhouse Kick

Head Punch

Stomach Punch

Groin Punch

3 Punch Combo

Iron Elbow

40 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

Karataka should show respect for other people. For them, their space, and their belongings.

Cat Stance (and walking in stance)

Hour Glass (and circle stepping in stance)

8 Point Blocking (Open Hand)

Side Kick

Back Kick

Reverse Punch

Knife Hand

Back Fist

U Punch

Ninja Aiki

Gekkai Sai Dai Ichi

40 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

Karatake should be showing signs of true martial arts spirit.

All Previous Stances

Koken Uke (Bent Wrist Blocks)

Back Spin Kick

Back Hook Kick

Back Spin Crescent

Bent Wrist Strikes



70 Push Ups

70 Sit Ups

Must have power and spirit in all kata.

Read a MA book or magazine article of choice to share.

3 Page shiai write up.

10 Free Form Attacks (Head, stomach, groin, or kicks)

Augmented Forearm Blocks

X Block

Application of all kicks from attack position

1 - 4 Finger Spears

8 Point Block as strikes


Pinan Shodan

50 Push Ups

50 Sit Ups

Karataka must be able to teach the class and demonstrate leadership.

All Previous

Frontal Attacks

Rear Attacks

3 & 4 man sparring

All Hand Techniques

Pinan Yon Dan

Pinan Go Dan

Bassai Dai

As many push ups or sit ups as asked.

Shiai paper of 3-4 pages. In depth into the world of MA and Goju in particular, as well as highlighting personal growth and life goals.

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