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Karen Davoren - Kyoshi

I started training in Martial Arts in 1975 in New York under Sensei Louis Stanisha and continued my training over the next 40 years in different styles from Shorin-Ryu to Goju Ryu.

I was promoted to 1st degree Black Belt in 1988 after 13 years of diligent training in the dojo. I received my 2nd degree Black Belt in 1992; 3rd degree Black Belt in 1995; and my 4th degree Black Belt in 2012 by Master Joe Lynch and my 5th degree by Jon Bottomms and Hanshi Stephen Douglas, Sr.

I was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame on November 10, 2012, an honor bestowed on me by Master Jon Bottomms who also awarded me with "Instructor of the Year 2012".

Grandmaster Jon Kanzler is the founder of "E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A" Eastern United States of America Internation Martial Arts Association and The Black Belt Hall of Fame. The organization continues the communication, education, recognition and professionalism of all martial artists. This is an amazing organization that hosts a yearly induction ceremony with martial artists from all over the world.

I was inducted into the Hall of Honors in Atlantic City, NJ and awarded the designation of "Kyoshi" by Grandmaster Ron Van Clief, 10th Dan and Founder of Chinese Goju Ryu. Shidoshi Van Clief received his nickname of "The Black Dragon" from Bruce Lee himself. Shidoshi Van Clief travels the world to teach seminars and is one amazing Martial Artist. His book "The Hanged Man" is a true story of his life and well worth reading. I have had the honor of hosting a seminar with Shidoshi Ron Van Clief "The Black Dragon" which was an amazing and enlightening experience for all who participated. There was much knowledge to be gained from a truly wonderful man with so much to offer!

Learning from so many different Instructors and so many different styles is what helps me to enrich the lives of others.

My Martial Arts program for children ages 5-12, plus those for teens and adults of all ages is unparalleled. My abilities as a Martial Arts Instructor are and always will be powerful. Makoto means "sincerity", and that is how I teach my students. With sincerity, honesty, and integrity. These concepts play a major role in my dojo. Students who train with me are strong in Kata (forms) and Bunkai (interpretation of moves) which are my favorite parts of training. Those who wish to study with me will become competent in these arts and find rewards that will apply in all walks and aspects of life.

My Self Defense Classes will prepare anyone desiring it to cope with the challenges and changes in one's life.

Allow me to insert a personal note here. I am not only a Self Defense and Martial Arts Instructor, but also the owner of Makoto School of Martial Arts. At a very young age I developed a passion for physical fitness. When I was six, I began gymnastics which led me to various other sports. Then when I was seventeen, I was introduced to the Martial Arts. A personal invasion of my privacy by a family member drew me even closer to the world of Martial Arts. I craved the protection, the voice, the self esteem, and the power that came with Martial Arts. If I had had this training at a younger age, maybe I could have had the courage to speak up and tell someone. Finally at 32, I confronted my past and had the courage to tell my family. I finally put to rest the feelings I had kept bottled up for decades. Because of this, I developed the dream of teaching self defense, desiring to teach and help others find their voice, their self esteem, and the ability to speak up for themselves, to stand their ground. Speaking with participants after holding a seminar, I found it amazing that almost every person had experienced some sort of abuse in their lives. Astounding as so heartbreaking! Many of the participants had no self confidence, no self esteem, and no self awareness. No idea of how to protect themselves. All good reasons for me to begin a career in teaching Self Defense.

Once I realized this was my calling, l continued my training which I'd begun in 1975. Not only do I have years of experience with teaching physical fitness and Martial Arts, I am an extremely friendly and outgoing person; a strong, compassionate instructor with the ability to, in a short amount of time, make the most insecure ones realize their worth and full potential.

I have repeatedly been told by parents about the difference I have made in the lives of their children. Been praised by teens and women for the new self worth they developed after taking a seminar. I feel priveliged to have helped them all to reach their goals in life. I invite you to allow me to do the same for you!

Kyoshi Karen Davoren

6th Dan

Master Joe Lynch - Sensei

I am Master Joe Lynch, (also called Teacher SABUNIM Lynch). My training in Martial Arts spans 40 years. I achieved the rank of Shodan (Black Belt) in three Karate systems, also receiving a 3rd Level Black sash in Hung Gar Gung Fu and a 5th Dan Black Belt in Korean Hapkido jujitsu.

I teach standing jujitsu and ground fighting Jujitsu from Korean, Japanese, and Brazillian styles at Makoto School of Martial Arts. I look forward to having beginners along with advanced students in my classes.

This is an exciting and realistic class taught in a non-threatening environment. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. Please do come and check out what we have to offer here!


Jack Adams - Sensei

My journey into martial arts began 25 years ago when I was looking for a way to continue being fit and competitive after high school sports. However, Martial Arts has not been a constant journey since I took a long break from training. During my hiatus, I found that my martial arts training still proved helpful in other areas of my life, such as dealing with family, work issues, and coaching along with many other benefits. Bodily awareness helped me learn and then teach techniques as I worked with baseball and football players from ages 8 through 18. I have found both the mental and physical attributes of martial arts to be a benefit in many areas of my life.

I began my training with Sensei Rick Marallo at Vermont Martial Arts, studying traditional Shorin Ryu Karate’. I also studied in Goju, Aiki Jitsu and Tai Chi Chuan. Working with VMAA exposed me to many good teachers, including Kyoshi Karen Davoren. I was away from my formal martial arts training for over 15 years before starting back just over a year ago with Kyoshi Karen Davoren at Makoto School of Martial Arts.

Makoto School of Martial Arts is a tight group of fellow karatekas that support me and give me the help I need to push myself along with the sense of “team” that I was looking for. Kyoshi Davoren enforces traditional fundamentals yet allows the mixing and morphing of styles. Hanshi Stephen Douglas is a frequent visiting instructor who brings a wealth of knowledge. Sensei Joe Lynch also brings another aspect of training for which I am grateful.

I am very glad to be back training again, although getting my older body back into shape is a challenge. I am excited to be instructing and plan to bring my old knowledge of the arts right along with new knowledge to the students of the dojo. I love martial arts, and I immensely enjoy helping others to learn the arts. Rising to the next challenge is what life is all about!

Kyle Wyman - Dai Sempai

I have been studying Goju Ryu for four years under the instruction of Kyoshi Karen Davoren. For the last two years I have added Chinese Goju to my Martial Arts training and I have developed a solid foundation which is crucial to learning any art. Through repetitive and controlled practice, I have learned multiple ways to get out of holds and possible life-threatening situations. Kata (forms) and bunkai (interpretation of forms) are strong practices of this dojo for which I am proficient. I can confidently call upon these strategies out on the streets if the need arises. With each new escape or takedown that I learn, my hunger to find more increases tenfold.

Being a Dai Sempai--a high and honored student--allows me to share the last four years of knowledge with the new students of the dojo.

Learning an ecclectic system allows me to learn from different visiting instructors and to grow in my martial arts training. Makoto School of Martial Arts is a great dojo for beginners through advanced students.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

Dai Sempai Kyle Wyman

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