Makoto School of Martial Arts

Warrior I Classes (5-10 years old)

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4:15 - 5:15 PM

Youth classes are suited for beginners through advanced beginners. All students progress at their own rate since each child learns at a different pace. The beginner's class lays the foundation for Martial Arts training. Students participate in team building and focus drills as well as learning leadership, listening, and co-ordination skills, along with balance and self defense. All of this builds confidence in a positive environment while beginning their Martial Arts journey.

Students who meet their requirements for a new rank--which means a new belt--are put on the list for shiai (test). Shiais are open to families and friends to come and watch the students test for their rank. Picture taking and video recording are allowed during testing. Seating is available for parents and guests. Guests must remain quiet while students perform their requirements. Students earn their new rank and belt the same day they undergo testing. All students must submit a "shiai paper" that includes their name, date, and rank for testing. Their shiai paper should include a summary of how Martial Arts training has impacted their lives in and out of the dojo. Goals for home, school, and in the dojo should also be a part of their paper. All shiai papers are kept in the students file. As you might imagine, this day is an exciting one for both the students and the instructors! It is a wonderful achievement for students and we celebrate it.

Martial Arts is not a 3 month sport, but is a long term endeavor. As stated above, each student participates and grows at his or her own pace. No student is left to sit on the sidelines. Martial Arts is a great way to build self esteem and self confidence while learning how to protect oneself. We build leaders at Makoto School of Martial Arts and help each individual student reach his/her full potential.

Please feel free to come and observe a class or try an introductory week to see if my teachings meet your needs and expectations.

Warrior II Classes (10+ years old)

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5:15 - 6:15 PM

This class is for beginners through upper ranking students and teaches a combination of American Goju Ryu, Chinese Goju and Shorin Ryu.

Students are taught to become leaders and learn respect for themselves and others. The class is disciplined but taught in a positive enviroment.

Upper ranking students help teach lower ranking students achieve their goals. In each level of kids' classes, there is a "Black Belt of the Month" privilege. This student earns the honor of wearing a Black Belt for a month by being a leader, focusing, and giving 100% during class time. It is an honor to be "The Black Belt of the Month". The "Black Belt of the Month" leads the class in warm ups, stretching, and basic drills. This leadership quality helps to build self esteem and confidence. Students must work hard to receive this honor and a patch for their gi. "Black Belt of the Month" is awarded at the end of the month.

Every student at Makoto School of Martial Arts must work hard in order to achieve their next rank. Requirements are posted on the wall of the dojo so that everyone has access to them. Students must maintain all of the previous requirements along with new ones to be able to test for shiai (promotion).

Your child will gain all the positive benefits that Martial Arts offers. This is an elite group of students and we welcome you to come and observe our class! You are welcome to try a free introductory week to see if our program and teachings meet with your child's needs and your expectations.

Adult Classes

Monday and Wednesday: 4:30 - 6:00 PM

This class is for beginners through Black Belt, and is also by my invitation.

This 1 1/2 hour class is packed with information. It is a mixed martial arts class which means it is a combination of American Goju Ryu, Chinese Goju Ryu, and also Shorin Ryu.

This class incorporates all the arts we teach in our beginners classes but on a higher level. Class is structured and class training varies from traditional to eclectic. We start with warm ups, stretching, and kihon's basic drills to build a strong Martial Arts base. Some classes consist of kata (forms), bunkai (interpretation of forms), and sparring. Other classes incorporate cardio for fitness. Cardio ranges from bag work to basic boxing drills with a 3 minute timing bell and rest intervals in between. Core training is a big part of training here as well. Core strength is an important part of your health and helps keeps the abs and back strong!

Other classes we may introduce include new techniques such as joint locks for defense. Joint locking is done soft as to not harm joints or soft tissue. Makoto School of Martial Arts is NOT an egotistical dojo. We are a Martial Arts family!

Guest instructors may, from time to time, hold workshops that will enhance your martial arts training. Workshops will vary in price and will be held during class time or on a Saturday. Workshop dates will be posted 1-2 months in advance. Workshops are open for mature students of any age and open to other dojos.

We have a great Martial Arts family, and we look forward to welcoming new students entering our dojo.

Please feel free to stop by and observe a class or take a complimentary week for free. We teach students of all ages from 5 years-old to adult. If you are looking for an alternate way to get in shape then give us a try!

Aiki Jiu-Jitsu

This is a modern, eclectic self defense system using joint manipulations. However, our main focus of the class is on other martial arts systems as well. It's like a chess game; the more moves you know, the better counter defense you will have when attacked!

Techniques include using passivity when opposed with force, countering and attacking with circular movements, and employing "total penetration" by using your opponent's defenses (the "water principle"--flowing power and/or ki (spirit)). Aggressive attacks will be met with harmony as opposed to force meeting with force. In addition, the class will also use powerful linear, circular, and spiral movements which are devastating when applied. When met with an attack, the attack will end by applying a neutralized technique. If your attack is strong, then you will learn to receive the attack gently. If your attack is gentle, you learn to counter with power--Ying and Yang, hard and soft. When your harmony is out of, the fighter, are out of balance. Lastly, you will learn pinning, locking, and throwing movements.

As you learn more and more techniques, you will be adding to your own self defense arsenal. During your journey, also known as the "forest," you will naturally start combining techniques, creating a complete, martial arts self defense flow. The more time you put in class, the more techniques you will learn, eventually reaching the stage of enlightenment.

Private Lessons

Private sessions are a great way for children and adults to progress in their martial arts training in a one on one setting. These lessons can be booked for many different reasons and are based on individual needs.

Some students prefer to book private self defense lessons to have that explicit one on one training while others like to advance in their personal training.

Children who are shy and lack confidence can benefit from a private lesson or two before they venture into a traditional class. Once they master the basic karate skills they may feel more comfortable in joining a regular class with peers of their own age.

People who have been abused choose to do a private self defense seminar to help overcome fears. These private lessons are built on trust and assisting the victim to feel comfortable. Once they feel comfortable training can begin. This self defense seminar may need more than one session. I welcome you to come and discover how I can help you overcome your obstacles!

Private lessons are a wonderful way to help build self esteem!

Corporate Seminars

Makoto School of Martial Arts Self-Defense Resiliency Training Seminars are dynamic 3-5 hour seminars with a hands-on approach to learning realistic and powerful self-defense techniques.

Kyoshi Karen Davoren, who has had over 30 years of Martial Arts training, will have all participants feeling comfortable within a half hour guaranteed. Participants will learn how to fight back by learning proper striking techniques i.e., head butts, punches, palm heel strikes, hammerfist blows, along with proper kicking techniques. Knee strikes and where to find vulnerable parts of the body along with pressure points are strongly highlighted. Working with strike pads and kicking shields to learn proper form is essential in the beginning of the seminar. You literally can feel yourself grow with confidence as you expand your knowledge of self-defense techniques and awareness.

Seminars are open to all businesses, organizations, clubs, and families in the United States. I have even taught in the Bahamas. Each seminar will host up to 30 participants for maximum results. Multiple bookings for larger corporations is highly encouraged.

Give your employees the gift of self-defense. Families are welcome and private lessons are available. Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, and your family.

Self Defense Classes

Change, whether unpredictable or personally authorized, is always inevitable. It defines us and molds us into the men and women we eventually come to be. In many of us, it only changes minor characteristics, modifying our behavior from life's lessons. In some, this change is drastic, forever changing the way we live our lives. Often, it is difficult to deal with these kinds of changes. You can read a little about my personal experience regarding change of the former type in my section on the Instructors page.

My Self-Defense Seminars are both powerful and realistic. Everyone who participates in a Makoto School of Martial Arts Seminar will leave feeling respect for their abilities in the Art of Self-Defense techniques. They will also develop the confidence, courage, and self esteem they need to face the challenges they encounter in life. If you feel such a class would benefit you in dealing with changes in your life, please come in for a free week today.

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