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Here at Makoto School of Martial Arts, we teach our core system of American Goju Ryu, Chinese Goju Ryu, and Shorin-Ryu styles of karate. We also teach Aiki Jujitsu which encompasses everything from joint locking, grappling, practical self defense, and weapons training. We teach an ecclectic style which we offer to students 5 to 105.

We at Makoto School of Martial Arts warmly welcome everyone. We realize here that some people may have limitations to what they can do physically. Please be assured that we can work around all limitations, and we urge you not to let your limitations stop you from training.

Self Defense seminars are offered to businesses, clubs, and organizations. You are welcome to book a seminar for yourself, your employees, or your family. Self Defense Instructors are also happy to come to you if proper space is available.

Private lessons in karate, self defense, and life skills are available by appointment. Life Skills, also called Life Coaching, is for the person who wants the extra attention for their own personal growth. If you have low self esteem, lack confidence, or just need that personal one on one attention, then a private lesson specifically designed for you would be appropriate. Private lessons encompass personal growth as well as physical and mental growth.

I have years of experience in teaching Martial Arts, physical fitness, and Life Coaching. My friendly, outgoing, compassionate manner makes it possible for me, in a very short amount of time, to make the most insecure person realize his or her self worth and full potential. As a Life Coach, I can help you discover or rediscover yourself and overcome obstacles that may be holding you back in your personal life and personal development.

It's been my privilege to have helped teens and women develop new self esteem with my classes and seminars. In turn, they have honored me with praises for the difference they feel I have made in their lives. I would be honored to do the same for YOU.

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